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Criminal Drug Cases

Controlled substance charges continue to account for the majority of all cases in the court docket across the state. How these cases are charged, negotiated, and resolved vary greatly given the highly disparate view on drug crimes from prosecutor to prosecutor and judge to judge. While there are certainly plenty of prosecutors and judges who seem to hold onto the “war on drugs” mentality, many more are beginning to understand the addiction drives the vast majority of drug charges in the State of North Dakota. Simply, most individuals charged with drug crimes, even drug delivery crimes, are not living in mansions and driving exotic cars; they are struggling day to day with addiction and struggling to survive.

Our goal for every client who faces drug charges and chemical dependency is to handle their case with a whole-person strategy. We will often highly recommend a chemical evaluation and treatment as the case progresses through the system. This not only shows proactivity to the Court to assist in negotiations, but it assists the client in developing the tools they need to avoid future drug charges. Often, favorable case results are very realistic if treatment is successfully completed prior to the conclusion of the case. In addition to assisting clients to both assess and treat their chemical dependency, our team is incredibly adept at analyzing nuanced details surrounding your police seizure, questioning, arrest, and search. Often issues in these areas will provide avenues for us to suppress evidence, statements, or be in a stronger position to negotiate your case.

Our team handles all levels of drug offenses in both state and federal court.

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